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Wayne, Pennsylvania, June 2, 2014--

Factor In The New Product of 48 Factoring Inc.

48 Factoring Inc. announces the launch of the new and unique financial product that serves small, fast-growing companies. Factoring 2.0™ will start on June 2, 2014.

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In the mind of every entrepreneur—big or small—funding is fundamental. It underpins sales growth, inventory replenishment, paying overheads or employees wages and all other business costs. Often, entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, can acquire finance that hinders rather than helps their business to grow. Remember that loans are not the only option for financing your business. The financial service company 48 Factoring Inc. is one of those options.

What is factoring?

Factoring is a financing method whereby the business's receivables are sold for an advance cash payment to specialized companies called factors. Factoring is not a loan.

What is Factoring 2.0™?

From June 2, 2014, 48 Factoring Inc. will offer financing for small businesses. Factoring 2.0™ is an alternative to the traditional bank loan or credit card advance. Banks focus on a business or owner's credit score, and often concentrate on loans above $250,000. Instead Factoring 2.0™ bases its' decisions on the company's cash flow, as well as its projected and past performance.

What kind of small businesses will 48 Factoring Inc. lend its services to?

48 Factoring Inc. will cater to small businesses which have been existing for at least a year and have generated more than $100,000 in revenue over the previous 12 months.

Why Factoring 2.0™?

Factoring 2.0™ is flexible and can save you time and effort. It enables your business to access cash more quickly rather than waiting a month or two for your customers to pay. Decisions on most applications will be completed in less than 48 hours.

About 48 Factoring Inc.

48 Factoring Inc. is a financial services company using proprietary software technology to assess funding risk and create innovative solutions to help small businesses grow. Its unique Factoring 2.0™ financial product is tailored to small, fast-growing companies in need of working capital. As a result, 48 Factoring markets its services directly to small business owners. Incorporated in March 2014 and headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the company is led by experienced managers and staff with decades of experience in the field.

If you are a small business owner who has the above pre-requirements, you can start applying on the official website:

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Sandria Sheehan
T: 1-84-48-FACTOR (1-844-832-2867)