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48 Factoring Inc. Continues Revenue Growth; Expands Both Its Own Offices And Geographic Business Presence

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Today 48 Factoring Inc. announced that in connection with its escalating ramp in revenues and continued growth, the company has expanded its offices and taken on significant business outside its historically core areas of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. While 48 Factoring continues its commitment to providing small to mid-size business owners in these regions, the rising demand for its products and services has necessitated both additional staffing and space resources, and an attention to new market areas.

George Bessenyei, director, commented as follows:

"Our growing reputation supported by a legion of satisfied clients has continued to create ever-increasing interest for our business to provide efficient alternative funding sources to businesses in many U.S. territories. In addition, the volume of business we are transacting has necessitated increased plant space and staffing. In meeting these needs and expanding our presence, we have kept a careful eye towards attracting and retaining the historic quality of employee talent that has led to our reputation of top notch customer service."

About 48 Factoring Inc.

48 Factoring Inc. is a Better Business Bureau accredited financial services company using proprietary software technology to assess funding risk and create innovative solutions to help small businesses grow. Its unique Factoring 2.0 financial product is tailored to small, fast-growing companies in need of working capital. As a result, 48 Factoring markets its services directly to small business owners. Incorporated in March 2014 and headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the company is led by experienced managers and staff with decades of experience in the field.

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