Recently, we had the chance to chat with Victoria Malvey, owner of the Victorian Savories Bakery in Voorhees, New Jersey. In business for two and a half years as a wholesale bakery, Victoria and her husband, Steven, decided to open a retail operation, including a cafe, at the Voorhees Town Center last April. Victorian Savories Bakery now has six employees and has quickly developed a reputation as a full-service bakery using only the purest ingredients, such as fresh-farm eggs and homemade vanilla extract.


Victorian Savories Bakery


During our recent chat with Victoria, we discussed the challenges facing small business owners. According to Victoria, “As a small business owner, especially as an independent business owner, growing a successful business can be very challenging. Cash flow is your nemesis. You live, breathe and die by the daily cash flow. There is an ebb and flow to any business, so it is critical to have the money to support you during the slower periods. We are a bakery, and right now, we are in what we refer to as “the dead zone” because everybody is on a diet. Everyone is still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. That generally lasts another month, and once that is done, then I’m good.” She went on to add, “It really does help to have financial support. 48 Factoring provides us with that support.”

When asked why she decided to apply for funding, Victoria responded, “We were going to open up our first retail space. Up to that point, I had financed everything through our personal accounts. However, the expenses of opening a new space were too much to absorb through another personal investment. The signage alone cost $5,000 not to mention the cost of purchasing more equipment, plates, and other items necessary for the retail space; I just flat out didn’t have the cash required.”

Victorian Savories Bakery

That is when she decided to turn to 48 Factoring for assistance. As is often the case with small business owners, Victoria had found in the past that working with banks could be difficult. “The banks treated me like a number. They simply look at your “number”, at your credit score. We haven’t been in business that long which was detrimental to obtaining a loan. The banks never look at the other factors that come into play for any successful business. This rigid environment doesn’t allow for any flexibility in the loan approval process.” By comparison, Victoria had an entirely different experience with 48 Factoring. “48 Factoring looked beyond just the cut-and-dry number. They took the time to speak with me, to understand our business model, and added the other factors in their decision process. Instead of only seeing black and white, 48 Factoring saw the grey area.”

“48 Factoring became a financial partner. They looked at me and my business as a person and not simply as a number,” she added. “Best of all, 48 Factoring continues to work with me after the funding, to provide helpful guidance to financial health. The staff at 48 Factoring are wonderful and are always available to answer any questions I might have.”

Victorian Savories Bakery is located at 8109 Town Center, Voorhees, NJ. The bakery is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday.