Although the early days of James career were spent mostly in residential building and remodeling, furniture making was his first “love”. After studying carpentry in high school, James went on to get a degree in the craft. In 2003, he started James Love Quality Construction and focused mainly on decks and basements. However, his innate design and carpentry skills were quickly put to good use when James Love Quality Construction began to specialize in residential custom kitchen and bathroom builds and remodels.


James reputation for quality craftsmanship quickly spread to the commercial world, and when he was called upon by Live Nation to do some renovations at the B&B Pavilion (formerly the Susquehanna), he found a profitable niche in renovating theatres and other performing arts venues. Since those humble beginnings, James Love Quality Construction has designed bars, sound-proofed areas within the theatres and completed many other construction and remodeling projects for the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, The Living Arts Center, The Fillmore, and The Punch Line Comedy Clubs- just to name a few.

In most of these projects, James Love Quality Construction is hired on as the general contractor to design and implement the project. Although they hire out numerous sub-contractors such as electricians and plumbers, James and his eclectic crew often have to jump in and handle many of these tasks themselves. They can all do pretty much anything that needs to be done, but many also possess a special talent or affinity for a sub-specialty. Brian is good with intricate trim work while Victor does windows and every type of construction. James is the design and furniture-making craftsman, and they have general workers that keep them going on a day-to-day basis.


“The most challenging part of running this type of business is staying on top of the project. Schedules get thrown off, permits take longer to secure than expected and jobs can get pushed into other projects and cause difficult scheduling issues”, said James. “Drawings, architects delays, emergency projects from clients- we are often multi-tasking six or seven jobs at a time.”

These types of stretched out, complicated delays can sometimes make cash flow a very big challenge. Sub-contractors still need to be paid, materials still need to be purchased, and payroll still has to be met. James often received calls from companies willing to help him with funding. However- he was skeptical and distrusting until one day, he read an article about 48 Factoring, Inc. and their excellent reputation for helping small businesses such as his.

After some brief discussions with 48 Factoring, James was able to secure a round of funding that he could lean on in times where his cash intake was slower than the output. This working capital helps James Love Quality Construction keep all their projects running as smoothly as possible, despite any unforeseen hiccups and delays. James said the ease and speed of the process allowed him to secure a second round of funding with 48 Factoring. There was very little wait time so that he could move forward with confidence to take on more substantial projects.

“With the funding I’ve received from 48 Factoring, I can take on bigger jobs and that allows my business to expand. I can grow my company,” said James. “48 Factoring clearly spelled out the process and the terms. I was very comfortable with my decision to work with them. They answered all of my questions and concerns with complete transparency.”

James says that the most rewarding part of his work is the design process, when he’s able to take a client’s vision and turn it into a reality. The vast amount of information and ideas people can glean from the Internet makes his work both easier and harder in some respects. He often combines elements from various photos his clients have given him to get their thoughts and ideas. The pictures can provide a very real sense of someone’s style and preferences, but people may see a photo of, for example, a $50,000 bathroom but only have a $20,000 budget. His passion is being able to achieve the result they want with the budget they have.

James hopes to someday work on his own remodeling projects and he would ultimately like to teach his craft. In preparation for doing so, he has participated in Penn State’s Workforce Education program.

Established in 2004, James Love Quality Construction offers top quality renovations and remodeling for homes and businesses. James and his crew have made it their mission to craft the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices.

James Love Quality Construction is located in Philadelphia, PA.  For more information visit or call (267) 278-3679.