Back in 2010, Gail Heckman, co-owner of Scooters-4-Rent, found herself with an illness that limited her mobility. Her physical issues and the lack of available long-term affordable mobility rental equipment often kept her at home instead of being able to go out and do the things she used to love to do. She eventually purchased a mobility scooter and regained her independence. She was once again enjoying life to the fullest. When she talked to other people with the same kinds of difficulties getting around, she found that many of them had the same issues trying to rent or purchase affordable mobility equipment. So she and her husband, Leslie, decided to create a fun alternative to walking- and opened Scooters-4-Rent.


Now in their seventh season, Leslie and Gail own a fleet of more than 45 scooters, multiple power-chairs and many other medical equipment options for rent or sale. They deliver to some of the most popular resort areas of the Eastern Shores; including the beaches and casinos of Ocean City and Delaware and Maryland, and the Baltimore cruise port. Their entire team, including five family members, is committed to giving their customers the ability to once again enjoy the freedom of going on cruises, to casinos, shopping, beaches, or travel. Their reliable, dependable and worry-free rentals are delivered right to the customers’ door- whether it be a hotel, home, train, plane or cruise ship.

Although the business isn’t seasonal in the traditional sense, their cash flow can be dependent on weather and the economy. Leslie and Gail wanted to make sure they could take advantage of the deep discounts their distributors and manufacturers often offer on medical equipment sales during their slow periods. They couldn’t afford to wait weeks and months for access for funding to get in on these special deals. “Banks are too involved with long, complicated processes. They want lengthy business plans and it seems like they aggressively don’t want to do business with small companies like ours.”

It was during those times they realized they needed to find a trusted source of working capital. Leslie and Gail found that trusted partner in 48 Factoring, Inc. “A company that has always done what they said they would do,” stated Leslie.

Scooters-4-Rent is based on the belief that the customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Both Leslie and Gail were happy to find 48 Factoring, Inc. a company that shares their customer-centric philosophy.

“48 Factoring helped us expand our inventory AND expand our server. Both have helped us expand our business,” Leslie said, “Their process is honest, easy and uncomplicated, so we have fast access to funding when we need it. 48 Factoring has given us the best gift of all- peace of mind.”

Scooters-4-Rent, LLC. is located in Laurel, Delaware with a showroom and warehouse in Selbyville, DE. For more information visit