Just like 48 Factoring is my “go to” for funding, I hope to be the “one stop shop” for my customer’s automotive needs. Goitom Tesfai, Owner, 1st Choice Car Repair, Inc.

Goitom Tesfai is a “people person”. He loves the human connection and takes great satisfaction in helping people, so it was a natural fit to open a business that dealt with the public. He took the lead from a good friend who was in the automotive repair business and 6 years ago opened 1st Choice Automotive Repair, Inc.

Since then, Goitom has grown his business to include half a dozen employees in a garage that boasts four car lifts, and with his second round of funding from 48 Factoring, Inc. is planning a fifth. 1st Choice Automotive maintains and repairs any model of car, from American-made to imports. They can handle simple jobs such as drive-in, drive out oil changes, to complicated automotive repairs.

Goitom’s enlightened business philosophies have played a major role in his company’s growth. Before immigrating to America in the mid-eighties, Goitom spent the early years of his life in war-torn Ethiopia. He has a deep appreciation of all the opportunities this country has brought him, and never takes his good fortune for granted. He believes in giving back by helping people and building strong relationships with his customers. He’s also built great partnerships with his vendors so that he can easily access any necessary parts for a repair, allowing him to provide quicker turn around for his patrons than many of his competitors.

“I enjoy this journey. I can do small things for my customers in a big way and I make them very happy”, stated Goitom. “48 Factoring has been the same way. They believed in me and knew I am a hard-working person. They made getting funding easy and painless. They help me so I can keep helping my customers.”



Goitom used the first round of funding to purchase new equipment, including a tow truck. He will use his second round of funding from 48 Factoring to increase his lift bays and so that he can provide even quicker turnaround for repairs such as brake jobs.

“I will continue to work with 48 Factoring to help me with the funding I need to grow my business. I love the way they communicate with me”, exclaimed Goitom. “My business is expanding every day because of word of mouth. You can’t have a business without satisfied customers, and 48 Factoring has a satisfied customer in me.”

1st Choice Car Repair, Inc. is located at 6821 Norwitch Drive in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, call 215-365-1900.