Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Jack Rinkers, CEO of Wilgro Services. In business since 1972, Wilgro Services is one of the strongest non-union HVAC service leaders in the greater Delaware Valley, currently servicing 300 maintenance agreements for a diverse array of commercial markets. We were pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Rinkers and discuss how 48 Factoring has been able to assist him with his business funding needs.

Wilgrow Services Inc

Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to apply for funding with 48 Factoring?

Basically, the new economy change. Banking regulations are so strict. It's an issue of getting funding when you need it. Speed is everything. The biggest difficulty we have is getting paid from our clients. You must have a credit line in place.

What has your experience been like working with banks in the past?

It was terrible. It's so hard to deal with banks today. It's just not the same as it was, five, six, seven years ago. Not versatile at all anymore. It takes two months just to do anything.

What has your experience working with 48 Factoring been like?

Smooth as possible. I wouldn't work with anybody else. They hear your needs and wants and adjust accordingly. You develop a rapport with them so they are great partners. If I need something, I can get it within a day or two.

What would you say has been the best benefit of working with 48 Factoring?

They stick to their word 100%. You can count on it. I'm so busy and if they say they are going to do something, I know they are going to do it and I don't have to worry about it. Reliability.

How has the capital you have received help you to grow your business?

With the revenue that we have been able to receive, we have been able to stay on top of paying our bills. In turn, that has allowed us to get the best discounts, making it possible to be more competitive when we bid on jobs. We've also done some more hiring because we are able
to be more competitive.

Headquartered in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wilgro Services has technicians located throughout the greater Delaware Valley and offers fast, reliable responses to any type of HVAC problem. The company takes great pride in the ability to transform problems into solutions.
Rather than just striving for 100% customer satisfaction, Wilgro Services demands it. 48 Factoring is helping Wilgro Services to provide their customers with the best service and most competitive
prices by being there to assist with their business funding needs in a fast, responsive manner.