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"They help me so I can keep helping my customers."

Just like 48 Factoring is my “go to” for funding, I hope to be the “one stop shop” for my customer’s automotive needs. Goitom Tesfai, Owner, 1st Choice Car Repair, Inc.

Goitom Tesfai is a “people person”. He loves the human connection and takes great satisfaction in helping people, so it was a natural fit to open a business that dealt with the public. He took the lead from a good friend who was in the automotive repair business and 6 years ago opened 1st Choice Automotive Repair, Inc.

Since then, Goitom has grown his business to include half a dozen employees in a garage that boasts four car lifts, and with his second round of funding from 48 Factoring, Inc. is planning a fifth. 1st Choice Automotive maintains and repairs any model of car, from American-made to imports. They can handle simple jobs such as drive-in, drive out oil changes, to complicated automotive repairs.

Goitom’s enlightened business philosophies have played a major role in his company’s growth. Before immigrating to America in the mid-eighties, Goitom spent the early years of his life in war-torn Ethiopia. He has a deep appreciation of all the opportunities this country has brought him, and never takes his good fortune for granted. He believes in giving back by helping people and building strong relationships with his customers. He’s also built great partnerships with his vendors so that he can easily access any necessary parts for a repair, allowing him to provide quicker turn around for his patrons than many of his competitors.

“I enjoy this journey. I can do small things for my customers in a big way and I make them very happy”, stated Goitom. “48 Factoring has been the same way. They believed in me and knew I am a hard-working person. They made getting funding easy and painless. They help me so I can keep helping my customers.”



Goitom used the first round of funding to purchase new equipment, including a tow truck. He will use his second round of funding from 48 Factoring to increase his lift bays and so that he can provide even quicker turnaround for repairs such as brake jobs.

“I will continue to work with 48 Factoring to help me with the funding I need to grow my business. I love the way they communicate with me”, exclaimed Goitom. “My business is expanding every day because of word of mouth. You can’t have a business without satisfied customers, and 48 Factoring has a satisfied customer in me.”

1st Choice Car Repair, Inc. is located at 6821 Norwitch Drive in Philadelphia, PA. For more information, call 215-365-1900.

48 Factoring Inc. Achieves $10 Million Funding Milestone

Today, we are happy to announce the attainment of $10 million funded to small businesses since the company’s inception. Many of these placements occurred in the greater Philadelphia area, but the company has also continued to expand its geographic presence to adjacent markets as well. This benchmark was achieved only two years after the company was formed.

Please read more at Yahoo! Finance.



“I can see why they’re called 48 Factoring. Once I provided very basic information, the funding was in my bank and available to me in only two days- 48 hours – just as their name says! The process was so easy and simple.” owner, Debbie Collins, The Dress Matters.

Aptly named The Dress Matters, this suburban Philadelphia bridal boutique has helped hundreds of women find the perfect dress for their wedding or special occasion. They also offer mother of bride/groom dresses, eveningwear, bridesmaid, flower girl and prom dresses.

Sole proprietor Debbie Collins is a health insurance professional with a flair for wedding and event planning. She’s helped many family and friends plan events and while planning her own wedding, fell in love with the wedding dress side of the business. In addition to her wedding vows, Debbie also vowed that she would one day open her own bridal store. And two years ago, she did.

It’s no surprise that The Dress Matters won the Best of Delco for Bridal Dresses and the Best of Mainline for Bridal Boutique for the past couple of years. Their unique offerings, such as the VIP Bridal Experience allows a bride to be pampered and feel special while she tries on and selects her wedding dress. Brides can also plan a “Girl’s Night Out” event that takes place on a Friday or Saturday evening after the store has closed. They can invite their bridesmaids, mother, sister, friends or other family members to join them for refreshments, wine, and other beverages while getting personalized attention and trying on dresses.


Debbie’s favorite part of owning a bridal boutique is when a bride makes a decision on a dress. “The joy on the faces of the bride and her friends and family is simply amazing and never gets old”, said Debbie. “We make it into a very special occasion with champagne toasts and photos of the moment posted on Facebook. It’s something they will always remember and cherish.”

As with all things fashion, styles and additions can change rapidly. The wedding industry adds new or tweaks current styles around every six months. In order to stay current, a shop owner has to carry a healthy inventory and refresh it as often as the industry demands. The Dress Matters carries around 100 different styles and sizes of bridal gowns.

One thing Debbie realized soon after opening her shop was that plus-size women didn’t have as many options for the dress-selection process. They could be ordered in their sizes, but due to limited larger-size inventory in most stores, they weren’t able to have the same experience as a smaller sized woman who had many more dresses in inventory to try on.

Debbie wanted to give all women that special experience while selecting their dress, no matter their size. So she turned to 48 Factoring, Inc. in order to secure the necessary funding to purchase more inventory in larger sizes.

“It was a very easy process from the moment they contacted me. They walked me through everything I needed to do. Once I got everything they requested, it was approved and the money was in the bank in two days”, said Debbie. “That’s right- two days, 48 hours- the company name is right on the money!”


The Dress Matters is featured in many wedding magazines and websites such as The Knot and The Wedding Wire. They can be seen at local wedding expos and hold many of their own events, including an annual bridal fashion show and luncheon. They are located at 1024 North Providence Road, Media, PA 19063. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 610-566-5680 or go to www.thedressmatters.com.

“With the working capital I’ve received from 48 Factoring, Inc., I’ve been able to take on bigger jobs and expand my business so that I can turn my clients’ vision into reality.” owner, James Love Quality Construction.

Although the early days of James career were spent mostly in residential building and remodeling, furniture making was his first “love”. After studying carpentry in high school, James went on to get a degree in the craft. In 2003, he started James Love Quality Construction and focused mainly on decks and basements. However, his innate design and carpentry skills were quickly put to good use when James Love Quality Construction began to specialize in residential custom kitchen and bathroom builds and remodels.


James reputation for quality craftsmanship quickly spread to the commercial world, and when he was called upon by Live Nation to do some renovations at the B&B Pavilion (formerly the Susquehanna), he found a profitable niche in renovating theatres and other performing arts venues. Since those humble beginnings, James Love Quality Construction has designed bars, sound-proofed areas within the theatres and completed many other construction and remodeling projects for the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, The Living Arts Center, The Fillmore, and The Punch Line Comedy Clubs- just to name a few.

In most of these projects, James Love Quality Construction is hired on as the general contractor to design and implement the project. Although they hire out numerous sub-contractors such as electricians and plumbers, James and his eclectic crew often have to jump in and handle many of these tasks themselves. They can all do pretty much anything that needs to be done, but many also possess a special talent or affinity for a sub-specialty. Brian is good with intricate trim work while Victor does windows and every type of construction. James is the design and furniture-making craftsman, and they have general workers that keep them going on a day-to-day basis.


“The most challenging part of running this type of business is staying on top of the project. Schedules get thrown off, permits take longer to secure than expected and jobs can get pushed into other projects and cause difficult scheduling issues”, said James. “Drawings, architects delays, emergency projects from clients- we are often multi-tasking six or seven jobs at a time.”

These types of stretched out, complicated delays can sometimes make cash flow a very big challenge. Sub-contractors still need to be paid, materials still need to be purchased, and payroll still has to be met. James often received calls from companies willing to help him with funding. However- he was skeptical and distrusting until one day, he read an article about 48 Factoring, Inc. and their excellent reputation for helping small businesses such as his.

After some brief discussions with 48 Factoring, James was able to secure a round of funding that he could lean on in times where his cash intake was slower than the output. This working capital helps James Love Quality Construction keep all their projects running as smoothly as possible, despite any unforeseen hiccups and delays. James said the ease and speed of the process allowed him to secure a second round of funding with 48 Factoring. There was very little wait time so that he could move forward with confidence to take on more substantial projects.

“With the funding I’ve received from 48 Factoring, I can take on bigger jobs and that allows my business to expand. I can grow my company,” said James. “48 Factoring clearly spelled out the process and the terms. I was very comfortable with my decision to work with them. They answered all of my questions and concerns with complete transparency.”

James says that the most rewarding part of his work is the design process, when he’s able to take a client’s vision and turn it into a reality. The vast amount of information and ideas people can glean from the Internet makes his work both easier and harder in some respects. He often combines elements from various photos his clients have given him to get their thoughts and ideas. The pictures can provide a very real sense of someone’s style and preferences, but people may see a photo of, for example, a $50,000 bathroom but only have a $20,000 budget. His passion is being able to achieve the result they want with the budget they have.

James hopes to someday work on his own remodeling projects and he would ultimately like to teach his craft. In preparation for doing so, he has participated in Penn State’s Workforce Education program.

Established in 2004, James Love Quality Construction offers top quality renovations and remodeling for homes and businesses. James and his crew have made it their mission to craft the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices.

James Love Quality Construction is located in Philadelphia, PA.  For more information visit www.jamesloveconstruction.com or call (267) 278-3679.

Simplifying the Small Business Lending Process

While the process of applying for a small business loan can seem daunting, understanding a bit about the process can help you simplify it. The reality is that regardless of your location, what type of business you are involved in, or how long you have been in business, you will likely need to apply for funding at some point. The loan process does differ from one loan to another, but there are always some steps you can take to simplify the process.


First, consider the type of loan that is best for your needs. Take the time to do some research. This will actually save you a tremendous amount of time, as it ensures you will not need to start over after discovering that one type of loan is not the right fit. Remember that you have far more options available today than in the past. No longer are you restricted to just traditional bank loans. Alternative business loans have become a popular solution for business lending needs because they offer fast approval and fewer underwriting guidelines, and they can be funded quickly.

Next, collect all required documentation. One of the most common mistakes that people make in applying for a small business loan is not gathering the documentation ahead of time. Having everything ready in advance will demonstrate to your lender that you are serious and organized. Some of the items you should gather include current and previous financial statements, tax returns, and cash flow history and projections.

Depending on the type of loan for which you are applying, you may also find it to be a good idea to have your business plan ready, as well. Review to determine whether any updates are necessary. This will assist greatly in demonstrating your planning abilities as well as why you need funding. If you have not already put together a business plan, now is a good time to do so, especially if you are applying for funding from a traditional bank.

Applying for a small business funding can be somewhat stressful, but with the right preparation, you can ease the process.

Tips for Breaking a Small Business Cash Flow Drought

Any business, regardless of experience or expertise, can fall victim to a cash flow drought. There are numerous reasons for a cash flow problem that have absolutely nothing to do with the management capability of the business owner. Some of the most common reasons include seasonal issues, economic recessions, and customers that pay late. When you find your business in the midst of a cash flow drought, it’s imperative to take action quickly in order to stem the problem.

First, it’s vital that you do not ignore the problem. This will only make it worse. Take some time to sit down and examine your financials. Know exactly how much money you have coming in and how much is going out of your business. Review your own accounts payable and determine whether there are any vendors that can hold off for a while or at least with whom you can negotiate. While you should never get too far behind on your bills, if one vendor does not need to be paid right away, that could help to ease your cash flow burden.

Next, spend some time reviewing your accounts receivable. Are any customers significantly behind in payments? Have you sent reminders? Would offering a discount help customers catch up? While many business owners are naturally reluctant to provide a discount, it should be kept in mind that when you are in a cash flow drought, even a little money coming in is better than no money.

Are there any areas where you could cut back on expenses? If your business is seasonal in nature, perhaps there are some services that you could do without for the moment to help save some money.

Consider whether a cash flow injection would help until you can get a regular source of income flowing again. This is often beneficial for businesses that are seasonal in nature. For example, if you expect things to pick up in the next couple of months, an alternative business funding could be a good way to obtain the money you need to tide things over until your peak season arrives.

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