Operating a small business can come with its fair share of rewards as well as challenges. Among the most common challenges faced by small business owners is the ability to keep a business operational while managing cash flow. When a small business owner wishes to expand, an infusion of capital is often required. Yet, many small business owners are increasingly finding that loans from traditional banks may not be the best solution when they need to obtain funding for their business operations.

Belgrade Deli

This is precisely what Rob Flanagan of Belgrade Deli in Philadelphia recently discovered when he decided to expand his product line — and what drew him to apply for funding with 48 Factoring. Located at 339 Belgrade St., Belgrade Deli serves Fishtown and the surrounding area. In its fourth year of business, this local deli has earned a reputation for its friendly service and serves up a variety of cold cuts. Additionally, the deli is working to let people know they can obtain a healthier choice of product. Rob said that the deli has also begun to carry more drinks with cane sugar and has signed up with Food Network to host classes. During the classes, students can learn how to keep their hearts healthier, how to have more fiber in their diet, and much more.

The process of trying to expand a business and put in better lines of products typically requires additional funding, however. Following past experiences with banks that “weren’t the greatest,” Rob opted to apply for funding with 48 Factoring. He said of the process of working with 48 Factoring, “It was very simple, very easy.” Rob went on to add that he received a fast answer regarding whether he could receive funding. “It’s helping immensely,” he said of the funding he received through 48 Factoring. “I would call 48 Factoring before I would call the bank.” Belgrade Deli is open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.